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May 2019

13 Ways to Prepare for Hurricanes

February 2019

When Life Gives You Lemons, Throw a Second Line

September 2018

Bad Comedy Show Ideas

October 2017

Last Minute Halloween Costumes Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

July 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) Review

April 2016

5 Sandwiches You Have to Eat Before You Die

January 2016

Louisiana Crawfish Boils Rules and Etiquette

December 2015

The 11 People to Avoid at Your Office Holiday Party

June 2015

Rivers Cuomo Kidnapped a Girl in 1994 and I Have the Proof

January 2015

My Longest Night, That Ended So Swiftly

December 2014

Top 17 BuzzFeed Headlines of 2014
Top New Baby Names of 2014
Top Tweets of 2014

August 2014

How to Become an Award-Winning Tweeter

October 2013

Of Honesty and Concept Albums: My Top Albums of All Time

August 2013

Y'ALL - It's Okay to Like Sports
Pi R. Kelly: The Science of the Remix to Ignition

June 2013

Other Peoples' Property: Wherein I Yelled at a Judge
One Year with Our Nest
A Brand New Type of Frobba

May 2013

Other People's Property: Action!
Other Peoples' Property: Notification
Other People's Property: Progress!

April 2013

Other People's Property: Finally, Some Action

March 2013

Let's Just Move Forward
Other People's Property: A Blighted New Orleans
Mid City Day Drinking

February 2013

The Truth About Gas Prices and Gas Boycotts
An Ode
Tell the City Council You Love Food Trucks!

January 2013

Starts with 'F', Ends with 'uck'
Some Site Tweaks

December 2012

Tell Me Again About Those Intimidating NBA Team Names
Triforce Tree-Topper

November 2012

Pluck the Falcons: Saints vs Falcons Drinking Game
Four More Beards! Four More Beards!
Saints vs Eagles Monday Night Football Drinking Game
I Ain't Wastin' Nuthin'!

July 2012

The 300 Rule
We're Still a Blank Slate

June 2012

Forget Drew Brees

May 2012

Get Your Damn Head on Right, New Orleans
How I Leverage ifttt and tumblr for My New Blog
So-Called 'Gray Marriage Bill' Shot Down by Vote, Elderly Can Not Marry
My Favorite Comments from ESPN Visitors about Saints Player Suspensions

April 2012

Brogrammers and Other Disgraces to Technology
On Renaming the New Orleans Hornets

December 2011

People from the Future are Jerks

January 2011

Wherein I Attempt to Listen to an Entire Journey CD

September 2010

Fat City to Become Lean City

August 2010

I'm at Engaged w/ @zeldamac

May 2010

Why the LOST Finale Didn't Suck
My Second-to-Last LOST Post Ever
LOST is Ending and I Hate Jack and Kate

April 2010

Senate Committee Approves Bill to Ban Smoking in Louisiana Bars and Casinos
Education Can be the Key to Saving New Orleans

March 2010

On Healthcare Reform and Nonsense

January 2010

I got your Who Dat? right here...
Who Dat, Indeed.
Stop Whining and Show Your Receipt

December 2009

2009 Top 10: Whiskeys Whose Names Have Birds or a Guy with a J in His Name

February 2009

We Are Socialists

November 2008

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on McCain

October 2008

Socialism vs. Communism

September 2008

Why You Should Ignore the Two-Party System and Vote Third-Party

June 2008

Bye, George.

May 2008

Jack Thompson and Grand Theft Auto IV

September 2007

The Jena 6

September 2006

One Year After

August 2006

I'm with you, Mississippi

December 2005

An Old School Post

November 2005

Waiting for the New New Orleans

September 2005

Katrina Photos
Home, Sweet Home
One New Orleans Native's Perspective
A Travel Back Home
Apocalypse Now

February 2005


March 2004

Prying Open My Third Eye

November 2000

Merry (?) Christmas